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  • Add Window :
    Here you can add a window or multiple.
  • The windows:
    The windows themselves behave much like the desktop windows, with a close and collapse button on the right side of the topbar. This window is also draggable at the topbar and resizable at the edges. These two combined makes it possible to make any layout that fits your data. Also, on the topbar there is a window name, a button where you can choose your visualization style and a reset button.
  • The visualizations:
    In the windows themselves you can zoom by spinning the mousewheel, pan by holding the left-mouse button on the visualization and moving the mouse and selecting nodes by clicking with the left-mouse button on a node. When a node is selected a window will pop-up with node information, which can be pinned to the right sidebar.
  • For better performance:
    Some laptops and computers have both an integrated and dedicated GPU. If the integrated GPU is used instead of the dedicated GPU, the performance can decrease a lot. Follow this link to see how to switch between your dedicated and integrated gpu.
  • Select Project :
    Here you can choose the data you want to use. We support only .csv files. You can choose between already uploaded data or start your own project.
  • Layout:
    This provides you with a standard set of layout, to get started quickly.


  • Sharing is easy! Simply copy the page URL and send it to anyone. URL's update to your current project on the go!